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How to Read Recipes: Measurement Abbreviations

25 Mar

I’ve been writing this blog for a bit now, and it recently occurred to me that not everyone may be familiar with the measurement abbreviations found in many recipes, including mine.

I started this blog in an attempt to spread around my cooking philosophy–basically, it’s easy, quick, and fun, and anyone can do it! In this spirit, I’ve decided to start posting little mini-tutorials on basic kitchen tasks, like proper knife handling technique and how to peel garlic effectively, all of that good stuff. The first one, as you may have figured out from the title of this blog, is how to read recipes effectively by deciphering those pesky measurement abbreviations.

The three used the most are for cup, teaspoon, and tablespoon. These are abbreviated as:

C for cup
tsp for teaspoon
TB for tablespoon

A few more:

lb = pound
oz = ounce
gal – gallon
pt = pint
qt = quart

You might also find liter, which is:


You probably won’t find many recipes in liters in the US, but it never hurts to know. Learning is half the battle, after all.

These are the basics. If you feel I’ve missed anything, or have any questions, leave it in the comments!

❤ Stef